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Choosing a Wine Gift Basket

Choosing a Wine Gift Basket

 by: Peter

During the holiday season, most of us are in a frantic search for presents for loved ones and friends. Next time, instead of the usual hassle of selecting a gift which will suit him or her, try sending a wine gift basket instead. Wine gift basketsare a perfect present for both men and women and suit every occasion e.g. Birthdays, Weddings etc. The information below will help you select an appropriate wine gift for that special occasion.

Who will be receiving the wine gift basket?

Men will prefer a bottle of wine, which they can open and drink immediately or store in their own wine cabinet (The smile when he or she unwraps the present to discover a 1990 Bordeaux is priceless) whereas women are usually more delighted with a wine accessory e.g. Corkscrew, Crystal Wine glasses or a decanter. Below are the four basic questions you need to ask yourself before you shop for a wine gift.

What is the occasion?

Different wine gift baskets are suitable for various occasions. Wine gift baskets are a favorite for parties. The numerous items within will allow everyone to enjoy the gift and enjoy the wine with delicious tidbits as well. Wine merchants also have wine gift baskets for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas etc.

What is your budget?

Most nifty wine gift baskets can be had for $25-$50 although fine wines will be more expensive. Wine gifts often include cheese and chocolates (a favorite with children). Just remember it is the thought that counts!

What is their knowledge of Wine?

If the wine gift is for a beginning wine enthusiast, then a well-written book on enjoying wine will be an excellent gift whereas an expert wine enthusiast might enjoy having a stopper for the half empty bottle of wine. Try to find a wine gadget that he does not already own, most people will be touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift. The wine gadget will also remind him/her of your friendship each time he enjoys a bottle of fine wine.

About The Author

Peter is an wine enthusiast who has created his own website which offers information on Wine Cabinets and fine wine.


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Headlines on Wine

Diamond J to perform at Mount Pleasant Winery

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:24:49 -0400
Aug 26, 2006 (Sat): Diamond J will perform at Mount Pleasant Winery as part of the winery's August live music line up.

Enjoy award-winning wines and a beautiful view at Mount Pleasant Winery! Picnic lunches and party platters are available from the winery's store. (Please make reservations 48 hours in advance).

Reserved seating is available on weekends at a rate of $5 per person, in addition to any applicable admission fee.

CONCERT: Winery to host benefit concert

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:24:49 -0400
The Silver Coast Winery in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., will host a concert by The Ocean Ridge Singers entitled "Anything Goes!" Proceeds from the event will benefit the Hope Harbor Home's programs, which serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Winery Profile: Ontañon, La Rioja, Spain

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:24:49 -0400
Bodegas Ontañon is a "winery-museum", founded in 1984, that invites guests on a fascinating journey to learn about wine and wine production as it was in ancient ...

Wine Items For Viewing

Stem Shine Wine Glass Cleaning Liquid For Hand Washing (16 oz)

You'll never have to worry about streaks or off odors on your fine glassware again. At last an innovative product that will revolutionize the way you clean your glasses. New and exclusive Stem Shine represents state-of-the-art technology for glass cleaning. Stem Shine doesn't just clean your glassware it purifies it. Its cleaning agents go into the pores of fine crystal or other glassware and remove every trace of soil and contaminants. Stem Shine then evaporates quickly preventing streaks and completely removing odors that could compete with your fine wine's bouquet. Available for both dishwasher and hand washing use. 4 lb carton for dishwashers.

Price: 14.95 USD

Wine Enthusiast Aerating Wine Funnel with Removable Screen

The clean and minimalist design of the Wine Enthusiast funnel is the perfect accessory for decanting wines. Made of stainless steel so there’s no tainting or tarnishing the funnel allows you to pour wine into your decanter with ease. The removable screen will filter sediment and cleans easily. 5'H x 3 1/2'D.

Price: 29.95 USD

100 Wine Enthusiast Color Coded Wine Bottle Tags

Wine bottle tags let you arrange your wine collection so you can separate your Bordeaux from your Burgundy without having to read the wine labels. Differentiate wines that are ready to drink from those that are still aging. These perfectly cut wine bottle tags fit large Champagne bottlenecks (flange-tops too) and won't slip off standard wine bottlenecks. Made of durable resin-coated paper that accepts any writing instrument.

Price: 14.95 USD


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