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Wine Cellars

For wine lovers, nothing beats nicely arranged wine bottles and elegant-looking wine cellars to get them in the mood for drinking wine.

According to recent studies, those that are serious wine drinkers belong to the baby boomer generation. It is interesting to note that the children of baby boomers, who are 20 years old and older, are also wine drinkers and choose premium wines.

Wines should be stored in the best possible conditions that will allow the wines to age slowly and develop more complexly. It is important to know how to make your own wine cellar. Wines should be stored at the right temperature until such time that you are ready to drink them.

Wines should be stored inside an insulated cupboard, under the stairs, in a closet or in a cabinet where temperature can be controlled. A cellar should have the proper insulation, with a vapor barrier, wall lining, doors, windows and lighting.

It is also important to choose the best type of wine racks for your wine collection. Know the secrets to storing wine to preserve your valuable wine collection. Determine the types of racks you want - whether single bottle racks or diamond cubes. Please note that wine cellars with undivided diamond cubes are not recommended in areas that are earthquake-prone. Find out which cooling system is best for your wine cellar, and find out which types of wines have the best cellaring potential. It is also important to be aware of the stages a wine goes through while it ages inside the bottle.

You should know the process involved in aging wines, and what happens when wine undergoes too much change in temperature. There is an ideal temperature for serving wine for various grape varieties. Avoid hiding the wine?s true character.

Another important consideration is knowing how humidity plays a role in the storage of wine, and how to increase humidity in the wine cellar. You should also know that wines age best. Keep these guidelines in mind to preserve your cherished possessions ? your wine collection.

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Wine 101-Class 1 in a Six Part Series: From Vine to Wine: An Introduction to Wine

Sep 11, 2006 (Mon): Wine !01: Class #1 in A Six Part wine ratings Series: "From Vine to Wine: An Introduction to Wine"

Learn how grapes grow and are made into wine. Includes wine tasting and behind the scenes access to the vineyard and winery at harvest time.

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Barefoot Wine


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